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Our Mission
To strengthen the bonds of Islamic fellowship at the neighborhood level and to develop a Muslim presence in the city through outstanding citizenship and community service promoting Peace and mutual Understanding.


Islamic Congregation of LCF establishes a “very-localized” organization to serve the neighborhood needs of Muslims in the city.  Our aim is to strengthen the bonds of Islamic fellowship as neighbors and to uplift our core Islamic values of God, family and outstanding citizenship as American Muslims. We strive to create a Muslim presence in the city - mobilized by community service projects and outreach initiatives - to promote peace and mutual understanding amongst fellow citizens on an interpersonal and local level. This neighborhood focus complements and encourages active participation in Southern California’s established Islamic organizations.

As stated in our mission, the essence of the Islamic Congregation of La Canada Flintridge (ICLCF) is fellowship, service, peace and understanding.  The idea of forming an active neighborhood group was initiated as many Muslim families realized there is no Muslim presence noted in the social or religious activities of the LCF. 


Another primary reason to become active is - as the Holy Quran (4:36) advises - to respond to God’s call to do well unto our neighbors.  The ICLCF has a magnificent opportunity to facilitate our neighborly social bonds through community service and excellent citizenship as LCF is a distinguished city that prides itself with a number of great community service opportunities.


A 2006 Gallop poll testified to the enormous influence we have when our non-Muslims neighbors know us as upstanding members of the community. Quoting Gallop poll analyst Lydia Saad, “Considerable differences are seen in attitudes about Muslims according to whether one is personally acquainted with a Muslim. For instance, only 10% of those who say they personally know someone who is Muslim say they would not want a Muslim as a neighbor. This compares with 31% of those who are not acquainted with a Muslim -- representing a 21-point gap in views between the two groups.” This is just one example of the great benefit of one friendly relationship.


The opportunities and benefits are endless for us at a neighborhood level to work for peace and mutual understanding, and that is the reason this group was created in December 2006. May God bless our great community and give us the opportunity to serve God and country as American Muslim citizens.


Our Goals

Muslim City Congregation:
Establish an on-going Muslim congregation to meet the neighborhood needs of the Muslim residents and families in the city

  • Regular potluck social gatherings: Islamic topics, neighborhood information for families

  • Mobilize the Muslim Youth to actively participate in local community service projects; support the Islamic club at La Canada High School


City Service:
Encourage participation in the city’s various community service projects and volunteer activities

  • Join LCF community service events, programs and service organizations

  • Conduct outreach to city officials and religious groups in LCF


Islamic Community:
Help build and strengthen the larger Islamic community and organizations with information and promotion of the area’s Islamic activities

  • Pass along information about Islamic events and educational forums

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